Simple Steps to Consign


1. Register to Consign

Whether it is Christmas items you do not want anymore or you hand-make Christmas items, come consign with us!

Check back here for registration soon!

2. Price and Tag Your Christmas Items

See the section below for tips and more information.

Check out the video, 'Barcode ordering' on our Facebook page to see how to order barcodes. The post should be toward the top of the page. 

Consignors can print barcodes at home on Avery® 5160 labels. You can order barcodes anytime before you drop off your items. When printing your barcodes from home, UNSELECT "Fit to Page" option before printing.  

If you are not able to print at home, we offer a service that will print your barcodes for you to pick up at a certain location before the sale. Simply e-mail us and we will contact you about further information. 

3. Drop off your items at the sale

Drop off your priced and tagged items between 10:00-4:00 at the WKU Knicely Conference Center, 2355 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, using the following schedule:

November 5- Drop off A-M

November 6- Drop off N-Z

If you need to arrange a different drop off time, please contact us. 

4. Work a Volunteer Shift (optional)

We love our volunteers! There are big incentives to volunteering!


     Work 3 shifts, shop at 11:00 on Thursday

     Work 2 shifts, shop at 12:00 on Thursday

     Work 1 shift, shop at 1:00 on Thursday

     Consign only, shop at 2:00 on Thursday


     Work 4 shifts, shop at 11:00 on Thursday

     Work 3 shifts, shop at 12:00 on Thursday

     Work 2 shifts, shop at 1:00 on Thursday

     Work 1 shift, shop at 2:00 on Thursday

5. Shop for Christmas Items

Come and enjoy shopping at All About Christmas! Consignors get to shop a PRIVATE sale on Thursday at 2:00 PM before the public sale on Friday. Click below to see the shopping schedule.

6. Pick Up Your Unsold Items

Please pick up your unsold items on Sunday, November 10 from 2:00-4:00 unless you have chosen to donate your items. Anything not picked up by 4:00 on November 10 will be donated. If you need to make different arrangements for pick up, please let us know.

Helpful Tips and Information for Tagging



All About Christmas charges a $15 registration fee. The registration fee is paid in advance by paypal at  or via check. If you prefer to send a check, please e-mail me at for the mailing address. If you volunteer one shift, then you will be refunded $10 for working. Consignor earns 70% of earnings. 

  • We accept ANYTHING Christmas: ornaments, artificial Christmas trees, dishes, decoration for the Christmas tree, new wrapping paper and wrapping supplies, lights, wreaths, garland, Christmas movies, Christmas books, Christmas sweaters, Christmas costumes, Christmas outfits (all ages), Christmas toys, and the list goes on...
  • Please use 3X5 index cards for tagging. In the top left corner, put your consignor number. In the top right corner, put the size of the item, if applicable. In the bottom right corner, put the price. In the center of the card, put a description of the item. Place the barcode below the description. Below is a diagram of a sample tag (index card).
    •  A general rule for pricing  is to figure 30 - 40% of what you originally paid. The condition of the item will raise or lower that figure. 
    • Use only whole dollar increments (NO ITEMS under $1.00).
    • If you DO NOT wish to discount your items, please put a RED dot beside the price. Otherwise, your item will be discounted 50% on half-price day 
    • If you DO NOT wish to donate your unsold Christmas items, please highlight the tag on the RIGHT side using the following colors:

A-D         PINK

      E-H         ORANGE

      I-N         YELLOW

  O-S         GREEN

  T-Z          BLUE  

Otherwise your items will be donated. All items that are highlighted are to be picked up on Sunday, November 10 from 2:00-4:00 PM.

  • TAGGING: Use safety pins to pin your tags. For clothing items, towels, etc, attach the card with a safety pin in the left corner of the index card. For non clothing items, attach card with packing tape or a zip tie. For items packaged in a ziploc bag, place the card inside the bag. 
  • Put items such as ornaments, tags, bows, ribbon, etc in large plastic bags. Smaller items will sale better as a group than individually. Place the tag (index card) in the bag.
  • Leave DVDs and CDs unsealed (no tape on the opening), unless brand new. We will check them and seal them once they have gone through quality control. 
  • Pin the following items on a wired clothes hanger: stockings, Christmas tree skirts(if applicable), all clothing items. For items that are heavy, use two or three wire hangers together.
  • For Christmas trees, please put them in a Christmas tree box and tape up securely. Make sure to put the color and size of the tree on the tag and any additional information such as "pre-lit with clear/color lights".
  • Put Christmas lights in the original box or clear plastic bag. Seal the bag or box with tape with the plug hanging out. We will check them through quality control. 
    • Themed decorations - put all items in a clear rubbermaid or clear extra large plastic bag, tape the top, and list all the items in the container and sale as a set, i.e. themed Christmas trees, Nativity Scenes, Christmas villages, etc.
    • wrap towel sets with packing tape.
    • Christmas Dishes - Place all items in cardboard box. Place your index card with a description of the full set, how many items in the set, etc on the top plate placed in the box. 
    • All items should be CLEAN
    • All clothing items should be without stains, holes, missing buttons or broken zippers.
    • No broken or chipped items.
    • Please make sure all the pieces are present.
    • Items that require batteries must have batteries operate. 
    • All items will go through quality control before the sale.
    • Items that do not abide by the above conditions will be returned to the consignor.
  • If you have any questions about tagging, please email us at